Ernie's CD & Vinyl Collection



7:A song that makes you jump in excitement
      Medieval Steel- Medieval Steel. For some reason I get excited when that song comes out. 

29:A song that makes you feel pumped up
     Rigor Mortis- Wizard of Gore. Hell that whole Rigor Mortis album wakes the hell up out of my body. Great stuff!

36:The song you’ve listened to the most
     Definitely a Maiden song. Either Hallowed be Thy Name or Infinite Dreams. I’ve listened to those songs who knows how many times.

Thanks for asking!

 1. A song that makes you feel happy
        Rush- La Villa Strangiato. That song is just fun to listen to, and always cheers me up. 

3:A song that makes you feel badass
        There’s a lot of songs that give that feeling but I will have to go with Be’lakor- From Scythe to Sceptre 

14:A song that makes you dance
        Korpiklaani- Happy Little Boozer :P

32:A song you can always back to and listen to and fall in love with it all over again
       Helloween- Halloween. Brings back memories and is always as epic as the first time I listened to it.

Thank you very much!

GOD DAMNIT! Everyone bailed on me for Fun Fun Fun Fest and I already have my ticket. 

Never really been a fan of DevilDriver so I will have to go with Bloodshot Dawn, they have some pretty neat stuff :)

Send me 2 bands and i’ll say which i like better.


do it now.

Recommend me bands!

As if I don’t have a lot of music to listen to already, but who cares? Genre doesn’t matter, I’ll check out everything. :)


kookie667 said: What really kills me is all the singles, I already know I’m getting all the albums though. Just like the picture discs..

It would of been sweet if they were 12 inch singles, but they’re  not :(. I’m still debating about the singles myself. I just purchased the first three a minute ago haha! I still need to finish getting the picture disc, I wasn’t so happy with the quality, but they do look awesome :D

@braindesire said: There’s no prob. Let’s try with Savatage.

Top 3 Savatage Songs

  • When the Crowds are Gone
  • Chance
  • Hall of the Mountain King 

Thank you for asking :)